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If you are using an HP Envy 6400 Series printer, you might also have faced this offline problem with the printer. However, as technology is updating, problems are also changing with printers. So the customer who is using this HP Envy 6400 printer is facing some problems with the wireless connection. Due to this HP Envy 6400 series printer keeps going offline.

Why does my HP Envy 6400 keep going offline?

There is a straightforward reason behind this problem. If you have any loose connection between your devices, your HP Envy 6400 Printer shows you an Offline message. HP Envy 6400 printer uses a wireless connection between the computer and router. So if you have changed your router password or your printer is connected to a different network, you will also face this problem. So in simple words, you must check all the connections for your wireless printer.

Steps to Fix HP Envy 6400 Series Printer Offline

  • Hard reboot your HP Envy 6400 series printer.
  • Go to wireless Settings>Wireless setup wizard.
  • Now Select the name of your wifi and enter the password for it.
  • Here your printer will connect to wifi again.
  • Open HP Smart and delete the old printer.
  • Now add a new printer in the HP Smart app.
  • It will bring your HP Envy 6400 printers offline to online.

If you still face any problems with fixing this issue, you can contact HP Customer support for more help.

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